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Our cider

Inspired by the winemaking method used to make orange wines, LE CIDRE Orange is made from a blend of five varieties of apple, including Geneva, Makamik and Dolgo, all hand-picked from our Hemmingford orchard. Skin maceration provides texture and colour. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts and natural foaming in the bottle provide freshness, bitterness, and structure. On the nose, aromas of honey and citrus fruit, and on the palate, bitter orange, and marmalade. The cuvée from the 2021 harvest produces a fresh, dry, well-balanced Pet Nat with a lovely astringency. It is easy to drink. Enjoy it now. Serve chilled, as an aperitif or with a spicy dish inspired by world cuisine.


Our beer

Matante Bavaroise was brewed as the official beer of Repentigny's Oktoberfest 2023. Inspired by classic German styles, we have concocted a Munich Dunkel. It is a dark lager that combines the refreshing characteristics of a lager with the malty, slightly roasted flavors of its grains.


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